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  1. ONE PLUS ONE- What are you running on your OnePlus One?: [General]
  2. ONEPLUS ONE- OnePlus one ROM question: [Q&A]
  3. ONEPLUS ONE- What to buy next?: [Q&A]
  4. ONEPLUS ONE- [Q] Which is latest stable CM - 13.0 or 13.1?: [Q&A]
  5. ONEPLUS ONE- [Q] Reception issues - is it Radio or something else?: [Q&A]
  6. ONEPLUS ONE- Receiving Texts in Chinese?: [Q&A]
  7. ONEPLUS ONE- Strangest "Bricked" Oneplus One: No recovery, locked OS, can't unlock bootloader: [Q&A]
  8. ONEPLUS ONE- No Cellular Signal: [Q&A]
  9. ONEPLUS ONE- 1+1 Stuck on stock recovery, without fastboot or and other boot loader: [Q&A]
  10. ONEPLUS ONE- Can only access fastboot and TWRP: [Q&A]
  11. ONEPLUS ONE- Stuck on boot logo: [Q&A]
  12. ONEPLUS ONE- From CM 14 back to CM13: [Q&A]
  13. ONEPLUS ONE- [HELP] 1+1 Bricked no Internal Storage & canīt restore backups or install roms: [Q&A]
  14. ONE PLUS ONE- BvS - Battery Drain vs. SIM Card: [General]
  15. ONEPLUS ONE- Bluetooth with older OEM units non-functional starting with 05Q: [Q&A]
  16. ONEPLUS ONE- One Plus 3 - Not Able to Boot: [Q&A]
  17. ONEPLUS ONE- can not flash gapps full: [Q&A]
  18. ONEPLUS ONE- Dock boarder issue: [Q&A]
  19. ONEPLUS ONE- Problem with pixel launcher: [Q&A]
  20. ONEPLUS ONE- NV Backup Warning : invalid vip NVs: 447, 4678, 6855, 550 ??? What is it?: [Q&A]
  21. ONEPLUS ONE- Network issue on CM 13: [Q&A]
  22. ONE PLUS ONE- Battery wear of your Oneplus one: [General]
  23. ONEPLUS ONE- Help!!!!Accidentally wiped out OS on phone: [Q&A]
  24. ONEPLUS ONE- Android N Question: [Q&A]
  25. ONE PLUS ONE- Fight against pokemon GO: [General]
  26. Oneplus one- nde63p: [q&a]
  27. ONEPLUS ONE- op3 software update: [Q&A]
  28. ONEPLUS ONE- Android paid: [Q&A]
  29. ONEPLUS ONE- Help!My OPO cannot flash ROM with recovery.: [Q&A]
  30. ONEPLUS ONE- [Q] Can't connect to 2G or unable to reach signal after lost it: [Q&A]
  31. ONEPLUS ONE- How much SOT you get from you OnePlus One in 2016?: [Q&A]
  32. ONEPLUS ONE- Wifi hotspot 5ghz, stock rom: [Q&A]
  33. ONEPLUS ONE- Partial Touch Issue: [Q&A]
  34. ONEPLUS ONE- OPO : Failed (Device unable to flash or erase): [Q&A]
  35. ONEPLUS ONE- How is arise sound system: [Q&A]
  36. ONEPLUS ONE- Oneplus icon headphone controls not working: [Q&A]
  37. ONEPLUS ONE- Themes: [Q&A]
  38. ONEPLUS ONE- Google Assistant on OPO: [Q&A]
  39. ONEPLUS ONE- Oneplus One won't boot: [Q&A]
  40. ONEPLUS ONE- My Phone just rebooted and now loops at the android loading logo CM13: [Q&A]
  41. ONEPLUS ONE- Can't flash new ROM after flashing MIUI 7 port: [Q&A]
  42. ONEPLUS ONE- OnePlus one: [Q&A]
  43. ONEPLUS ONE- any xposed module or mod to disable power menu and quick toggles on the OnePlus 3?: [Q&A]
  44. ONEPLUS ONE- Rooted One plus one on CyanogenMod won't boot, TWRP backup failure: [Q&A]
  45. ONEPLUS ONE- Personal Dictionary issue..: [Q&A]
  46. ONEPLUS ONE- Unrooted barclays detects root: [Q&A]
  47. ONEPLUS ONE- Oneplus One Bootloop issue: [Q&A]
  48. ONEPLUS ONE- Mobile network slow spleed: [Q&A]
  49. ONE PLUS ONE- Developing VOLTE for Oneplus One.: [General]
  50. ONE PLUS ONE- Get Google Assistant working on your Device.: [General]
  51. ONE PLUS ONE- Which Android 7.0 Nougat ROM available, is your favorite?: [General]
  52. ONE PLUS ONE- oneplus 1 CM14 update: [General]
  53. ONE PLUS ONE- DELETED: [General]
  54. ONE PLUS ONE- Non Root Custom ROMs?: [General]
  55. ONE PLUS ONE- Pokemon Go after SafetyNet update: [General]
  56. ONE PLUS ONE- Setting up CyanogenMod with maximum privacy (no more Google): [General]
  57. ONE PLUS ONE- [ROM][CM14][LegendROM] [11 Oct]Found from oneplus.net: [General]
  58. ONEPLUS ONE- Modding the bootloader: [Q&A]
  59. ONE PLUS ONE- MIUI 8?: [General]
  60. ONE PLUS ONE- [ROM] [PORT] OxygenOS 3.1.2 [DEODEXED] [MAGISK/ROOT/XPOSED]: [General]
  61. ONEPLUS ONE- Performed a deep clean, still having battery issues: [Q&A]
  62. ONEPLUS ONE- Bootloop (Stuck at "Preparing Apps x of xxx"): [Q&A]
  63. ONEPLUS ONE- OTA doesnt work on rooted device: [Q&A]
  64. ONEPLUS ONE- Finally want to fix the Kitkat bug!!: [Q&A]
  65. ONEPLUS ONE- OPO touch screen issue: [Q&A]
  66. ONEPLUS ONE- Oneplus one stuck in boot logo while updating latest TWRP 3.0.2: [Q&A]
  67. ONEPLUS ONE- Clean State Install of latest CyanogenMod or Cyanogen OS: [Q&A]
  68. ONEPLUS ONE- Help me / one plus one bootloader: [Q&A]
  69. ONEPLUS ONE- Sim card not recognized, only for a short period after factory reset?!: [Q&A]
  70. ONEPLUS ONE- One Plus One - AudioFX not working: [Q&A]
  71. ONE PLUS ONE- [Index] Bacon - Android 7.0: [General]
  72. ONEPLUS ONE- How to force my one to connect to LTE band 40.: [Q&A]
  73. ONEPLUS ONE- Battery dead, not charging, stuck on "low battery screen", bootloops with forceboot: [Q&A]
  74. ONEPLUS ONE- How to change the partition system file type from ext4 to f2fs?: [Q&A]
  75. ONE PLUS ONE- [HELP][ROM][PORTING] Miui v7 based on Marshmallow [BACON]: [General]
  76. ONE PLUS ONE- Camera Quality (Comparison of various Rom Cameras): [General]
  77. ONEPLUS ONE- [ROM] Sultan vs jgcaap: [Q&A]
  78. ONEPLUS ONE- Stuck on first screen (language) after installing CM13 on OnePlus One (Bacon): [Q&A]
  79. ONEPLUS ONE- Disabling Wifi for the sake of son's grades.....: [Q&A]
  80. ONEPLUS ONE- Issue with apps with usage access permission: [Q&A]
  81. ONEPLUS ONE- How to fake device resolution/dpi per app aside from AppSettings?: [Q&A]
  82. ONEPLUS ONE- Jgcaap's camera has a question: [Q&A]
  83. ONE PLUS ONE- noise cancellation mic as primary: [General]
  84. ONEPLUS ONE- Phone destroying usb cables: [Q&A]
  85. ONE PLUS ONE- OnePlus One Camera (Hold and Burst): [General]
  86. ONE PLUS ONE- Formatting is not supported for filesystem with type '': [General]
  87. ONE PLUS ONE- Mi.com displayed on bootup screen on cyanogen is 13.1 android 6.01: [General]
  89. ONEPLUS ONE- Overheating issues: [Q&A]
  90. ONE PLUS ONE- [Discussion] CM14 for Bacon: [General]
  91. ONE PLUS ONE- Volte for opo: [General]
  92. ONEPLUS ONE- OTG isn't working on my OPO: [Q&A]
  93. ONEPLUS ONE- OPO Massive Battery Drain: [Q&A]
  94. ONEPLUS ONE- OnePlus One won't turn on: [Q&A]
  95. ONEPLUS ONE- no power on 1plus1 cm13 after missing imei fix attempt: [Q&A]
  96. ONEPLUS ONE- No WhatsApp Connection with Mobile Data.: [Q&A]
  97. ONEPLUS ONE- OPO bluetooth connection problems after pressing "forget" on a bluetooth device: [Q&A]
  98. ONE PLUS ONE- Can i somehow get Sultans camera on Slimsaber?: [General]
  99. ONEPLUS ONE- OPO Bluetooth Issue: [Q&A]
  100. ONE PLUS ONE- 1080p in front camera?: [General]
  101. ONEPLUS ONE- one plus one charging taking forever !!!!!: [Q&A]
  102. ONEPLUS ONE- Media Volume Mutes on Playback with Headset: [Q&A]
  103. ONEPLUS ONE- Searching for ROM with SultanXDA's HAL, but not his ROM: [Q&A]
  104. ONEPLUS ONE- [MultiROM] Stuck in second ROM, internal ROM is booting recovery: [Q&A]
  105. ONEPLUS ONE- Will my phone need to be reset when updating?: [Q&A]
  106. ONEPLUS ONE- "This package is for A0001, this device is bacon." Wiped internal storage, cant flash: [Q&A]
  107. ONEPLUS ONE- Cannot Enter Bootloader or Use Volume Up.: [Q&A]
  108. ONEPLUS ONE- Facebook videos won't load on mobile data !: [Q&A]
  109. ONEPLUS ONE- Can I encrypt rooted phone?: [Q&A]
  110. ONEPLUS ONE- Fastest/smoothest/leanest ROM for the OPO: [Q&A]
  111. ONE PLUS ONE- unofficial cm14 rom for oneplus one: [General]
  112. ONEPLUS ONE- Serious gps issue: [Q&A]
  113. ONEPLUS ONE- OPO stuck TWRP 3.0.2-0: [Q&A]
  114. ONEPLUS ONE- after flashing H2OS no longer boots in twrp: [Q&A]
  115. ONEPLUS ONE- What is this app?: [Q&A]
  116. ONEPLUS ONE- Device Weirdly Bricked?: [Q&A]
  117. ONEPLUS ONE- No service issue: [Q&A]
  118. ONE PLUS ONE- [ROM] [OPX PORT] [Oxygen OS] [3.x]: [General]
  119. ONEPLUS ONE- Mutlirom Recovery Update---->Bootloop: [Q&A]
  120. ONEPLUS ONE- OnePlus One Charging Issue (URGENT): [Q&A]
  121. ONEPLUS ONE- Problem after battery swap.: [Q&A]
  122. ONEPLUS ONE- one plus one on jio sim: [Q&A]
  123. ONE PLUS ONE- [H2-OS]DragonMod therml engine: [General]
  124. ONEPLUS ONE- oneplus one coustom roms: [Q&A]
  125. ONEPLUS ONE- Encrypted device, flashed a different rom, now i can't decrypt.: [Q&A]
  126. ONEPLUS ONE- MIUI 8 for OnePlus One?: [Q&A]
  127. ONEPLUS ONE- help please, no reception: [Q&A]
  128. ONEPLUS ONE- Desperately in need of quick help with my OnePlus One.: [Q&A]
  129. ONE PLUS ONE- H2os twrp ready: [General]
  130. ONEPLUS ONE- WiFi Calling ROM: [Q&A]
  131. ONEPLUS ONE- Dead OnePlus One: Only vibrates, not detected by Computer whatsoever: [Q&A]
  132. ONEPLUS ONE- Regarding Battery Issue: [Q&A]
  133. ONEPLUS ONE- Problem with charging, and recognizing with laptop: [Q&A]
  134. ONEPLUS ONE- Oneplus one is stuck in loop TWRP, no matter what!: [Q&A]
  135. ONEPLUS ONE- Using Viper4Android on OPO with SElinux Enforcing?: [Q&A]
  136. ONEPLUS ONE- Turbo ROM - Mobile network isn't working?: [Q&A]
  137. ONEPLUS ONE- Oxygen 2.1.4 voice call & network issues: [Q&A]
  138. ONEPLUS ONE- Video ********* on YouTube: [Q&A]
  139. ONEPLUS ONE- Is it possible to change my o+o identification so my isp see it as a router ?: [Q&A]
  140. ONEPLUS ONE- Oneplus One does not charge: [Q&A]
  141. ONEPLUS ONE- [Q] Bluetooth disconnection: [Q&A]
  142. ONEPLUS ONE- Stuck in boot after resizing screen and DPI tweak: [Q&A]
  143. ONEPLUS ONE- mic prob , Speaker phone mode, although replacing main mic: [Q&A]
  144. ONEPLUS ONE- need help to recovery my pictures: [Q&A]
  145. ONEPLUS ONE- Error when installing incremental update: [Q&A]
  146. ONEPLUS ONE- [Softbricked Phone] Help needed: [Q&A]
  147. ONEPLUS ONE- This should be a sticky: How do I update if I am rooted with a unlocked bootloader?: [Q&A]
  148. ONEPLUS ONE- OTA's failing on stock unmodified phone claiming system is mounted as r/w: [Q&A]
  149. ONE PLUS ONE- [ROM] HydrogenOS based on 6.0: [General]
  150. ONE PLUS ONE- Oxygenos 3.2: [General]
  151. ONEPLUS ONE- f2fs and encryption: [Q&A]
  152. ONEPLUS ONE- OPO is Hardbrick and laptop doesnt recognize it what so ever... Please help!: [Q&A]
  153. ONE PLUS ONE- No official Nougat drivers?: [General]
  154. ONE PLUS ONE- Best Rom for Battery-saving: [General]
  155. ONEPLUS ONE- Jio: [Q&A]
  156. ONEPLUS ONE- Google maps "Searching for GPS": [Q&A]
  157. ONEPLUS ONE- Wrong recovery, not able to get in recovery/bootloader: [Q&A]
  158. ONEPLUS ONE- OPO Pictures have distinct line down middle with flash: [Q&A]
  159. ONEPLUS ONE- [Q] OnePlus One won't boot if USB is UNPLUGGED: [Q&A]
  160. ONE PLUS ONE- Can we port this from N5?: [General]
  161. ONE PLUS ONE- New update to COS 13: [General]
  162. ONEPLUS ONE- #PainInTheAss - Mysteriously switch to Vibrator mode every X-hours: [Q&A]
  163. ONEPLUS ONE- [Q] Can app get info if device is unlocked?: [Q&A]
  164. ONE PLUS ONE- quickcharge on the opo?: [General]
  165. ONE PLUS ONE- OnePlus One Battery Replacement?: [General]
  166. ONE PLUS ONE- Will someone work to port android nougat on oneplus one?: [General]
  167. ONEPLUS ONE- Experts help needed! weird EFS brick: [Q&A]
  168. ONEPLUS ONE- WiFi not working: [Q&A]
  169. ONEPLUS ONE- resurrection remix gapps: [Q&A]
  170. ONEPLUS ONE- Is possible change the systemUI of cyanogenmod 13?: [Q&A]
  171. ONEPLUS ONE- Tethering to Xbox from Mobile: [Q&A]
  172. ONE PLUS ONE- Android 7.0 aka Nougat is officially released for Nexus devices: [General]
  173. ONEPLUS ONE- Help me get files from a soft bricked one plus one's internal memory: [Q&A]
  174. ONE PLUS ONE- Touchscreen Issue: [General]
  175. ONEPLUS ONE- Interface has stopped: [Q&A]
  176. ONEPLUS ONE- Problems with flashing ROM with TWRP: [Q&A]
  177. ONE PLUS ONE- Oneplus One with fastboot and TWRP functioning, but can't get a ROM working: [General]
  178. ONE PLUS ONE- [FIX] OnePlus One not making/receiving calls (CM13): [General]
  179. ONEPLUS ONE- Use Jio 4G without downgrading..?!: [Q&A]
  180. ONEPLUS ONE- How to properly factory reset the Oneplus one?: [Q&A]
  181. ONEPLUS ONE- Want to root: [Q&A]
  182. ONEPLUS ONE- Want to root my opo on cm13: [Q&A]
  183. ONEPLUS ONE- ROM without dimmed flash + f2fs, xposed, caf kernel, and substratum/layers support?: [Q&A]
  184. ONE PLUS ONE- Still on cm11.0 need help how to process cm12.0 or 13.0: [General]
  185. ONEPLUS ONE- HydrogenOS temperatures: [Q&A]
  186. ONEPLUS ONE- OPO experience bootloop every time it heats up, does good job when it is cool: [Q&A]
  187. ONEPLUS ONE- will it help to enable voLTE on oneplus one?: [Q&A]
  188. ONEPLUS ONE- Jio 4g: [Q&A]
  189. ONEPLUS ONE- My phone is stuck with infinite reboot after a restart of system: [Q&A]
  190. ONEPLUS ONE- Best version of Oneplus one ?: [Q&A]
  191. ONEPLUS ONE- 4g jio network signals not getting in 1+1 but it's working in one+2 and other 4g set: [Q&A]
  192. ONEPLUS ONE- Takes forever to get connection but not with EE card.: [Q&A]
  193. ONEPLUS ONE- Multirom secondary rom stop working: [Q&A]
  194. ONE PLUS ONE- One plus one version "please help": [General]
  195. ONEPLUS ONE- Stock messaging app in Android Marshmallow: [Q&A]
  196. ONEPLUS ONE- Car bluetooth calling bug - need help with logcat: [Q&A]
  197. ONEPLUS ONE- Music not found after i formatted internal storage: [Q&A]
  198. ONEPLUS ONE- How to fix Home Button dead for OnePlus One: [Q&A]
  199. ONEPLUS ONE- OTA failing. ro.build.fingerprint doesn't match /etc/build.prop: [Q&A]
  200. ONE PLUS ONE- No mobile data?: [General]
  201. ONEPLUS ONE- how to fix fm radio for oneplus one: [Q&A]
  202. ONEPLUS ONE- Oneplus one voLTE: [Q&A]
  203. ONE PLUS ONE- CM 13.0 Release – ZNH5Y: [General]
  204. ONEPLUS ONE- One plus one terrible battery life: [Q&A]
  205. ONE PLUS ONE- Android Download manager: [General]
  206. ONE PLUS ONE- Whatsapp for all OnePlus users: [General]
  207. ONEPLUS ONE- Oneplus One bootloop with Linux: [Q&A]
  208. ONEPLUS ONE- Lost Oneplus One ... afraid if data can be stolen: [Q&A]
  209. ONEPLUS ONE- Headphone port issues on OnePlus One: [Q&A]
  210. ONEPLUS ONE- HELP: "extractTarFork( ) process ended with ERROR: 255" while restoring with TWRP: [Q&A]
  211. ONE PLUS ONE- Firmware for Greece, cosmote: [General]
  212. ONE PLUS ONE- Strange things after upgrading to 13.1.1: [General]
  213. ONEPLUS ONE- Newbie for this phone: [Q&A]
  214. ONEPLUS ONE- Is this a hard-brick?: [Q&A]
  215. ONEPLUS ONE- Screen Rotation Fix: [Q&A]
  216. ONEPLUS ONE- Beginner flasher who may have screwed up and needs help :): [Q&A]
  217. ONEPLUS ONE- Guys, I need help with OPO: [Q&A]
  218. ONEPLUS ONE- [Q] Will glass screen protector restore touch screen underneath a small scratch?: [Q&A]
  219. ONE PLUS ONE- https://jira.cyanogenmod.org - Really uncool behavior(WARNING): [General]
  220. ONEPLUS ONE- my opo 64gb black screen, no fasboot, no recovery, very hardbricked: [Q&A]
  221. ONEPLUS ONE- Retard in need of Help. Weird problem with recovery of my OPO: [Q&A]
  222. ONEPLUS ONE- Volte opo: [Q&A]
  223. ONEPLUS ONE- OPO microphone sensitivity suddenly very low: [Q&A]
  224. ONE PLUS ONE- BT disconnects, display comes on but does not respond to touch: [General]
  225. ONEPLUS ONE- Dead screen: [Q&A]
  226. ONEPLUS ONE- Error upgrade system help me please: [Q&A]
  227. ONEPLUS ONE- Install OxygenOS 3.2 on OPO: [Q&A]
  228. ONEPLUS ONE- I need some help troubleshooting battery drain: [Q&A]
  229. ONEPLUS ONE- Dirty Unicorn Is Comeback? Take A Look: [Q&A]
  230. ONE PLUS ONE- Install OxygenOS 3.2 on OPO: [General]
  231. ONEPLUS ONE- Remove personal files securely: [Q&A]
  232. ONE PLUS ONE- Ubuntu Touch for OPO: [General]
  233. ONEPLUS ONE- Sensor Problem doesn't let me wake my OPO: [Q&A]
  234. ONEPLUS ONE- Soft brick: [Q&A]
  235. ONEPLUS ONE- [Q] Text under Symbols in AppDrawer missing: [Q&A]
  236. ONEPLUS ONE- Can someone help me what is this wakelock caused by?: [Q&A]
  237. ONEPLUS ONE- OPO Unable to gain root access anymore: [Q&A]
  238. ONEPLUS ONE- [Q] ADB ok in Device Mgr but no drive in Explorer Win7: [Q&A]
  239. ONEPLUS ONE- 6.0.1 lockout Tab S2: [Q&A]
  240. ONEPLUS ONE- Stuck at Sh*tty "Google can't communicate with servers".: [Q&A]
  241. ONEPLUS ONE- OPO suddenly not charging: [Q&A]
  242. ONEPLUS ONE- Can't unlock bootloader - boot to OS: [Q&A]
  243. ONEPLUS ONE- [Q] Cellular service issues after broken display - Please advice?: [Q&A]
  244. ONEPLUS ONE- Oneplus ONE screen problem (Part of screen not working): [Q&A]
  245. ONEPLUS ONE- I think I soft bricked my OPO: [Q&A]
  246. ONEPLUS ONE- One Plus One phone won't start after trying to solve 'Google play services' error: [Q&A]
  247. ONEPLUS ONE- [Help] Battery Drain issue in One Plus One: [Q&A]
  248. ONE PLUS ONE- [Help] Battery Drain issue in One Plus One: [General]
  249. ONEPLUS ONE- OPO Not Charging and Battery Stuck at 50% After Water Damage: [Q&A]
  250. ONEPLUS ONE- Banner request: [Q&A]