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Default c6903 vs c6906, Xperia Z1

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c6903 vs c6906

Most of the people in this forum wants C6906 for AT&T LTE support, but i am in quite opposite situation..

both C6903 and C6906 will work flawlessly with my current provider- bell,

but with C6906 I will have some problem with Korean service providers because it wont support 800MHZ and 1.8GHZ.
(Korea Telecom uses 800, 1800 freq. as long as i remember).

Since i visit Korea often i really want to get c6903 but i really don't know where to get it from.

Is Sony store in US carry C6903? and if it is for how much? I when to the sony website and it only shows C6902.

c6903 vs c6906
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