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Default Galaxy S 4- Guide To Get HD Voice Activated!: [ General News ]

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Guide To Get HD Voice Activated!
Guide To Get HD Voice Activated!
Guide To Get HD Voice Activated!
Guide To Get HD Voice Activated!

I know people have problems with newer modems and dialing *#0011#*...

But with the new modems you need a app from app store called SSM (Show Service Mode)

1. Install app

2. Open app

3. UNcheck ''use recommended setting choosed''

4. Choose option called Main Menu: 197328640 (NOT THE MAIN MENU '#*#197328640!)

5. Press ''run with above setting''


Here you have to enable 1 WB-AMR Enable and 3 WB-AMR Setting ON

7. Press back and press ''Run with above settings choosed''

8. Press 6 WB-AMR Status and see if it says WB-AMR Setting ON, GSM WB OFF and UMTS WB ON

Thats it, you now have HD voice..

I have got this working with all the touchwiss based roms, I have not tried other roms but I think it will do fine...

And on other thing!
To get this to work you can not have frozen/deleted these apps with titanium or other app

Assistant Menu
Factory mode
Factory Key String
MDMApp (I think)
Perso (I think)
Preconfig (I think)
Service Mode
Service Mode Ril
Ultra cfg ( I think)

I someone knows that this will work without some of these please tell me, I have experimented myself and I think you need these services to get it to work...

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